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Well, I guess you feel proud when someone says that you are a very creative person.  But how many times you feel everyone around you in the organization is also creative? If you feel none are, then there is a bigger problem within you or your organization. The second question you must ask yourself is: Does your organization have a structured approach for creating creative thinking?

How to make your organization a creative thinking Powerhouse Management Masala Anjani Kumar Sinha
Is your organization inhibiting
your creative thinking abilities?
In most organizations there are no structured approach for creative thinking. Bosses become the “most creative” persons since they have an idea that they are the only creative persons. They might be keen to listen to others but with the conviction that only their ideas is the best. Are you in such an organization? Oh! So what shall you do?

I really don’t have any offerings to those bosses, but I do have one for those leaders or managers who feel they can drive creative thinking in their workforce.

The challenge is to how to get inspired by successful ideas. Does only talking about ideas of successful companies such as Apple, 3M, HP stimulate creative thinking in the team? It does help - not by looking at the ideas but by learning about the processes through which those ideas became successful.

How to make your organization a creative thinking Powerhouse Management Masala Anjani Kumar Sinha
Barriers of creative thinking
lie in your mind
Diminishing the myth that creativity is inborn, organizations should develop creativity in each employee to deliver innovation. Creativity is the seed for innovation. It can be developed in the employees by making them think on a specific situation from multiple perspectives and by removing the barriers of creativity such as fear of failure, anxiety of being organised, thinking pessimistically and living in a comfort environment.

How to infuse creative thinking in employees?

  • Motivating and Supporting Environment:

Creativity nourishes in an environment where motivation exists. A motivated environment respects success as much as failures. Creativity can thrive in organizations with opportunities for diverse learning opportunities for each individual, through inter-department and market scenario trainings which will enhance knowledge. These training will open up the scope of understanding and visualization capability of each individual.  In such organisations risk taking and experimentation are appreciated. 

  • Create think tank:  

Creating an additional arm of think tank, a sub-group within an organization which comprises of experts or manager from different functions, helps in achieving organizational goal of creatively thinking and innovation. For instance, Disney has created Walt Disney Imagineering, a word coined from imagination and engineering, that is responsible for design and development of Disney theme park worldwide.

  • Create simulated environment by Role Playing:

Role Playing is one of the best ways to create simulation environment to unwrap the creative thinking in the employees. For instance, it could be used for sales presentation wherein a sales team member presents the company’s profile to other sales team members acting as a client/customer. Here, the client has to find gaps in the sales team presentation and has to think what the company’s actual customers would expect out of the presentation. This simulation not only helps to find the gaps but also enriches the sales team presentation skills.
A good example of simulation by role playing is demonstrated in the words of Steve Jobs. He once said in response to the failure of Zune, a product by Microsoft, launched in competition to Apple’s iPod:
“The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way that we do. We won because we personally love music. We made the iPod for ourselves, and when you’re doing something for yourself, or your best friend or family, you’re not going to cheese out.” – Steve Jobs

  • Brainstorming sessions:

Frustrated by employees’ ability to think creatively, Alex F. Osborn developed and shared the
How to make your organization a creative thinking Powerhouse Management Masala Anjani Kumar Sinha
Brainstorming paves way for creative thinking
Brainstorming technique for creative problem solving in his 1948 book “Your Creative Power”. The key concept of brainstorming is to conduct a group meeting for a specific question or a problem, which can have generation of ideas rather than judgements, and in which a number of ideas could be generated without any criticism and the selected ideas get combined to form a single perfect idea.          

  • Creativity a new KPI:

How to make your organization a creative thinking Powerhouse Management Masala Anjani Kumar Sinha
Organizations having creative teams
always stand out
Organizations focusing on innovation should include creativity in the Key Performance Index of each individual. This could be evaluated on the basis of individuals’ openness in brainstorming sessions, delivered ideas and creative steps taken to achieve the results. Similarly, each function should have creativity as a performance indicator.  Then only the overall organization will have creativity as a goal for future growth.

Management Masala Tip: An organization is like a fruit-bearing tree. It is not necessary if one fruit is the best, the rest will also be like it. A tree which will have all its fruits healthy will naturally attract more bearers.

By Anjani Kumar Sinha (anjanisinha@managementmasala.com)
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